It is a time to remember our lost Wisdom of the Earth, our own Stories of Creation. They are still present under our feet, curled up in the trees, sprinkled on the flowers, running through the water and are deeply anchored in every cell of our Bodies. It is a time to pause and listen to our Earth and move and sing in attunement. A time to remember the sacredness of the gift of life and to restore with love, compassion and acceptance the integrity of our Earth Body-ies.

A wild crafted apothecary, made with my hands, love and care,
with Nature’s gifts from the garden and the forest.


Words and experiences from my clients:

(...)"To witness and receive Caroline’s work, her very down-to-earth energy, her strength, knowledge and connection to the spirits has been one of the most transformational experiences of my life and I am beyond grateful for that."(...) 

from Dinah M., Germany


My work articulate Spirit communication and traditional herbalism. I walk the path of the wise woman, embracing the wholeness of life. I am sharing my practices to guide you reclaiming the sovereignty of your body and human experience. 
It is a work of service, engaging in regenerative practices of the Earth Body.