It is a time to remember our lost Wisdom of the Earth — our own Stories of Creation.

They are still present under our feet, curled up in the trees, sprinkled on the flowers, running through the water and are deeply anchored in every cell of our Bodies.

It is a time to pause and listen to our Earth and move and sing with our Bodies. A time to remember the sacredness of the gift of life and to restore with love, compassion and acceptance the integrity of our Earth Body-ies.

What in the spiraling chaos of life...

... would be relevant to share with other humans in order to make a connection?

A life constant has been my relation to nature, how much I loved to walk in the fields when I was a child, talking with the Dandelions and wild Iris and how much I loved helping my grand-father in his garden and eat the fresh picked peas from the pod. Nature has always been a safe place to move through the challenges and pains of life

And here I am sharing with you what has been supporting me to this day to ease the pain and tend the wounds and experience the joy of life: the connection I hold tight with Spirit and Spirits; a deep gratitude, love and appreciation for the Plant realm; and an ever-unfolding love to explore the depth of Self and to be remembered as who we are in our True Essence.