I offer online & in person one-on-one sessions based on my practices and experiences as a traditional herbalist, shamanic practitioner and body worker, an interconnected reflection of our Body, Mind, Soul unfolding and supported.

 I follow the path of the wise women, guiding women from menarche to death, from birthing babies to birthing ourselves, it is a work that integrate all that is making us unique humans. While my work is specified on women health, I am gladly working with men in the session too.

The single sessions listed below are available online and/or in person when visiting a city (sign up to my newsletter to be informed). 



Remembering the song of your soul

In this session I am using methodologies of core/classical shamanism supporting the seeker into their Path. Each session is unique as it fits to what you are calling for: guidance, healing, strength, support… At the core is the intention of restoring movement and harmony back into one’s life.


healing through words

Divination is a very ancient form of practice to receive Spirit and Spirits guidance and direction. It is a very simple and effective way to receive healing words about ourselves, and our journey, as well as a way to reconnect us to the source of all.


Nutrition & Herbal support

These sessions are for anyone dealing with physical and/or emotional symptoms, looking for wholistic support to relieve pain and discomfort. We will explore ways to ease symptoms and reach to the root cause of the problem, guiding you through ways of living, nutrition and  herbal support to regain your health and sovereignty.


Heart to heart, hand in hand

These sessions are designed to support you on your integration process after a session: something you want to deepen, something that is challenging for you to integrate. 

A follow-up on your journey, holding your back when needed.



A  ritual of closure & new begining 

This ritual of closure and new beginning, traditionally done a few weeks after birth,  is an invitation to dive into the sweet arms of Mother Earth, wrapped and cared, she whispers into our ears stories of our remembrance, inviting us to align with grace and strength to a new Path opening to us.