In this session, I am using methodologies of core/classical shamanism supporting the seeker into their Path. Each session is unique as it fits to what you are calling for: guidance, healing, strength, support…
At the core is the intention of restoring movement and harmony back into one’s life. A work of communion with Spirit, embedded with focus and clarity, guided by love and compassion.

We meet in person (I currently offer online session) and you will share with me your concern that we will resume to an essence.
You can then lie down and rest while I bring your questions to my guides and allies and receive a diagnosis from them. I will then engage in the various modalities while you keep lying and resting.
When done, I come back to you and share in details what has been done, what has been shared and what is prescribed. You can share your impressions and discuss if any questions arise.
You are encouraged to take notes during our talk and in the next days, you will receive my notes per email.

Remember that healing is non-linear and endless, sometimes a few sessions are required to embrace the wholeness of a topic.


Thank you for your interest in my work and welcome into this landscape!
I am happy to hear a few words about you and what brings you here (to its essence).
In person offerings are possible upon request and/or when visiting in Berlin, to be inform of these offerings sign up to my newsletter.
I do offer online healing session at the moment, use the form below for more informations.
Once we agree on an appointment, please share with me your full name and address. You have the possibility to make your payment via the PayPal link and add the name of the session as a subject:
I am a French native speaker and speak fluently German (schreiben mit ein paar Fehler!).

Please read the disclaimer before booking a session. Thank you.

Interest for Ancestral Healing