Herbal & Nutrition support

These sessions are complementary to your spiritual path, honoring your Earth body, we will explore nutritional and herbal response to support your physical and mental health.

These sessions are for anyone dealing with physical and/or emotional symptoms, looking for wholistic support to relieve pain and discomfort. We will explore ways to ease symptoms and reach to the root cause of the problem, guiding you through ways of living to support a radiant health: nutrition, herbal support to regain your health and sovereignty.


o   Contact me to agree on a date and time

o   Once an appointment is booked, you will receive an email with all information you need to know before we start and I will be happy to reply to any further questions you may have.

o   Read the Disclaimer and confirm by email may you consent

Being Whole

60/90 minutes 

80/120 Euro

Write me an email to book an appointment
There is a possibility to pay via bank transfer if this is of your preference, write me below

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