On Divination

And the wheel has turned into a new Gregorian year. Many of us are living within this calendar system while naturally embracing traditions of our ancestors guided by the season.

I was born on the winter solstice and a way for me to reclaim my gratitude for this life has been to engage in long days of celebration that are deeply infused within the tradition of the 12 nights/ Rauchnächte, as the time correlate.
These days are spent looking back at the year that passed in order to look ahead for the year to come. An unfolding of different rituals are filling the days and nights: counting the blessings, observing the patterns, inviting dreams into being, calling in and receiving guidance for the year to come…

And as I gently emerge from this suspended blessed time, there is a few things dear to my heart that I wish to share with you all. One of them is the practice of divination.
Oracle and divination have been extensively practiced throughout this period of the dark nights, when Winter install itself into the Land, into our Bones. Back when our lives would depend on the food we would collect and grow, on the animals that will survive the cold to provide us with food and clothing, these practices were central to our survival...
The true gifts that was shared and received during this time of prayers for the return of the sun, were to receiving guidance and answers in form of divination from the wise women of the village. The witches will come in ceremony to take flight up to the tree of life/ chimney, collect information from their guides/ spirits to redistribute Oracle into the hearths of each home. With time and “commodity”, gifts have been materialise into objects and our home filled with various souvenirs.

Yet practices of divination have survived the religious inquisition, tarot being a physical tool for guidance seeker for example. And if we look back into our childhood plays, we may remember ourselves practicing these ways...
As I learned the practice of divination, or it would be more accurate to say, as I remembered how to practice divination with the guidance of my dear teachers (humans and spirits), I got back this memory of my child self “ playing” with a set of objects from which I will receive guidance and become the fortune teller of my cousins and myself.
And as I engage to this practice again as an adult woman, I was stroked by my body remembering this ways my soul kept practicing.

And today with this new age unfolding in front of us I wish to introduce more of you to these practices, so that you may remember yourself, your ancient soul sharing and receiving Oracle as a way to navigate uncertain times that are the constant ebb and flow of life.

Below I will unfold some practicality of this methodology, as this may be new to some of us and my intention to make this practice accessible to most.

How does it work:

If there is an area within your life where you may lack clarity and/or perspective, you may have questions unanswered and uncertainty on some topics, divination practices may be of support.

To prepare for a session, you can gather your thoughts and turn them into a set of open formulated questions, written on your journal, if that is one of your practice.

When connecting with Spirits and asking for guidance, the way we engage will affect the outcome we will receive. Open questions formulated with “how…?” “What…?” “where…?” “who…?” will offer a broader picture to look at and see the wholeness of our concern.
Below I am sharing example of questions:
“How can I heal my relationship with myself/ my partner/ my friend/ my child /my family…?”
“How can I nurture my relation to my guides to receive constant support?”
“How can I prepare for…?”
“Where should I look for a new work opportunity/ for a new home?”
“what do I need to know about my dream?”
“What is the root of my fear?”
“How will I benefit if I go in that direction?”
“What do I need to know about this challenging aspect in my life?”
“What will I learn if I make this choice?”
One can also ask: to meet with their ancestors. Asking what are the gifts and strengths coming from this ancestor line? …
Sometimes one topic can be approached through different perspectives, and many questions can be asked.

Once you are clear with your intention, I would recommend to find a quiet and undisturbed place for the time of the session, maybe by your altar if you have one. If you don’t, you can lay a piece of cloth you like and place a candle of natural wax to burn. As you do so, you may feel drawn to bring together other objects or pictures that are of good memory for you.

In a session, I connect with my spiritual guides and receive you online, into the virtual room. I introduce you to the practice and when you are ready, you will silently be asking the question from your heart.
As you do so I will start to receive an answer which come into a set of metaphorical sentences that will form the Oracle.
You are invited to take note of the Oracle as I speak it.

You have some time to let the words unfold into your own landscape and feel how your body receive them. To some it all make sense right away, and to some support to fully receive the message is required, in this case, still connected to the guides that deliver the message, I help you unfold the delivered message.

To my experience 20 minutes is required per question, this is why I recommend 3 questions per session.
Once the session is over, take some time to read the oracle again, journal your feelings, reactions, overall state. Maybe write some of them on a paper and place them on your night table or mirror so that you will connect with them every morning and/or evening for a time being.

This form of practice brings healing through Words. As humans words are what defined most of our reality.
We are being of speech. And through the Word we create.
Receiving an oracle is receiving a healing prescription that will make its way to our human heart and our infinite soul.

Looking forward to connect with you, you can reply to this message if you heart call you to. 

Sending blessings to all, may peace and joy be our daily companions.