Winter Medicine: deep Roots & power Fruits

I am very happy to introduce to new herbal preparations that was made in the fall and early winter 2020, harvesting Hawthorn fruits and various roots of Burdock, Yellow dock and Dandelion in the fall, while waiting for the first frost to pick up the soften Rose hips.
Below I will introduce you to these plant friends may you wish to invite them into your home.

Rose hips, the fruits of the wild rose, after blooming all summer long and being visited by all pollinators friends, the rose leaves her petals falling down for a round red fruit to form. These fruits contains the seeds, and after the first frost the plants give all they have into the seeds, a hope for the plant to keep propagating. These seeds contain high level of vitamin C and antioxidant. When we enjoy these sweetest treats, we support our body overall immune functions as well as our production of collagen, boosted by the high vitamin C levels. Good bye dry skin, brittle hairs and tiredness, Rose hip got our back and make the last part of the winter more gentle and pleasant.
There is a very limited number of Rose Hip infused vinegar (in Apple Cider Vinegar), this tonic can be enjoyed in warm water first thing in the morning or also use to make dressing like for example in our red cabbage salad sprinkled with walnut and pomegranate!
There is also available some Rose hip Elixir, infused in alcohol and a large dose of honey from our neighbour, this preparation brings comfort and warmth to the heart while stimulating all the cells of our body.


Do you remember the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” The little fruits of the Hawthorn tree, that are little apples, are strengthening our veins and arteries, and act, simultaneously, as calming and toning for our heart. Having a strong heart we can move through the ebb and flow of life.
My love for this plant invited me to prepare them in many ways: A scrumptious Oxymel, in very limited number, to use as a tonic or in culinary preparations. And alcohol infused: the plain extract with the adding of leaves and twigs to offer a well rounded preparation, supporting anyone dealing with high blood pressure and heart issue.
And an Elixir, always infused with our neighbour honey, crafted to bring strength to the emotional heart. This sweet companion can be taken when palpitations arise, place in your tea or directly on the tongue (when no other possibility to take in water).


Digging up roots in the fall is part of my spiritual practice, I started in an early age without having conscious knowing of it. Dandelion, the wild spirit within this plant as always caught my attention, harvesting the bloom in the spring, enjoying the green in my soup or salad, and before the frost harden the ground, travelling with my spoon and fork, looking for the dancing intertwined roots. Digging down the ground in search for treasure have been my first initiation into travelling below into the lower world, especially in this season when the veils thin and the ancestors make themselves present into our lives.
Outside the transcending experience of digging out roots, there is of course all the benefits made available to us. Dandelion roots, supports our digestion by increasing all gastric fluids and supporting our liver functions. They are great allies to clear out when stagnation is present, and are great allies for any PMS, from swollen breast, to heavy cramping, and constipation.
The leaves of Dandelion are acting within the liquid of our body, stimulating our blood and lymph functions, reducing congestion and swelling.
Both plants in combination are great to gently move out of the sleeping wintery body, inviting a sense of cleanse in our system.
They can be found as Extract and can be taken together or separately depending of what you are looking for.

The other fantastic roots that I dug out last fall, are the majestic Burdock roots, also known as Gobo in Chinese culture. Burdock is a tall plant, having large leaves and stalks, it is a biannual plant, meaning that she will reproduce over 2 years: the first year growing leaves and deep roots, the second year, she will grow stalk and flowers to reproduce herself. By the fall of the 2nd year the plant come to an end, the seeds have been spread and the root are empty. For this preparation I have harvested 1st year roots. Burdock have some similarity with Dandelion as they both strengthen our digestion so that everything we are taking in is properly digested and assimilated, they work very well together for anyone that have a slow, sluggish digestion and maybe finished antibiotic treatments.
Burdock roots are well known to clear our skin and support women by stimulating increase of estrogen in our body. Burdock is a plant that also teaches us a lot about patience, only with time and dedication will we be able to enjoy the myriad of wonders this plant is bringing into our life.
I have infused this plant in Apple Cider Vinegar, for a gentle tonic, and in alcohol for a powerful extract that will keep our juices flowing!

And the last roots that we were pleased to harvest is the friendly Yellow dock. Like her other rooted friends, yellow dock roots support our digestive system and is especially recommended for people, mainly women, suffering from anemia. When prepared fresh, this plant support iron absorption by strengthening and stimulating our liver functions. Yellow dock is also great to call when heavy menstrual cramping and/or flow. Yellow dock roots are also indicated in case of jaundice or any kind of liver ailment.
I have made an extract of the fresh roots, for best result this preparation should be taken regularly throughout the day and for a longer period of time 2 lunar cycles (when suffering from anemia).
The roots have been harvested in various pristine locations, I have washed them with the well water that come from our lower mountains. I didn’t remove the skin so that some earth is still present and infused, bacteria are been killed with the alcohol or Vinegar, yet leaving some of the earth infusing allow us to benefit from the macronutrient found in soil that will greatly support our gut flora. Yet if you are immune depressed, start with a very low amount of the preparation and increase very gently making sure to observe and notice your body reactions.
And like always if you have any questions regarding the selection of plant you wish to integrate you can request for a 20 minutes call (free of charge) or if you have an health issue you want to discuss you can book a herbal support session.