Caroline's background

I have trained and worked as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Aroma therapist in Germany. I had a studio in Berlin for 4 years, where I specialized in women’s health and offering pregnancy and postnatal support. Parallel to these one-on-one sessions, I started to hold women circles introducing Plant Communication as allyship; and offered health and women empowering related workshops and retreats.

As I grow into my work with clients, my practice shifts gradually to a more simple, accessible and local approach, from what I have learned. I welcome the changes and deepen my knowledge and experiences into a practice embedded in the Wise Woman Way, celebrating wholeness/ holiness of the Body, Plants, Nature, Life.


In parallel, the call of Spirit and Spirits became stronger as I engaged my practice in a path of remembrance and service. Calling back into my life forgotten ways, I have studied (and still do), experienced and practice Shamanism/ Ancestral Wisdom/ Spirit Communication over the last years. Learning these practices allowed me to bring into focus and service the communication with Spirits I have experienced since childhood. I am an apprentice of Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton, traveling regularly at the Sacred Trust Center in England.

In summer 2019 I moved to Northern Bavaria, becoming a farmer, together with my love, raising our child, growing our food, renovating our old farm and tending the land.

I have Mediterranean blood flowing through my veins and I grew up with a totally different climate and plant environment. I am trying to create some micro-climate in our forest garden to grow the dear plants of my childhood.

Sometimes I travel to the places of my ancestors, seeking guidance and healing. Most time I try to find some local herbs sold by a vaulted grand-mother**, brewing a tea or making an oil, as a remembering and calling of my ancestors. And sometimes I do receive from family members some packages of dry plants coming from the South, awakening sweet feelings.

**”a vaulted grand-mother”: this is a litteral translation of “une grand-mère voutée”, which refers in my culture to a grandmother with an arched back as she has been close to ground, collecting herbs all her life, “une glaneuse”, a gleaner. Using the term “bend-over grandmother” doesn’t sound quite close to what I am referring to and not as poetic of this image. Do you remember watching Julliette de Bairacly Levy walking when she was old?