Caroline's background

I have trained and worked as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Aroma therapist in Germany. I had a studio in Berlin for 4 years, where I specialized in women’s health, offering pregnancy and postnatal support. Parallel to these one-on-one sessions, I started to hold women circles introducing Plant Communication as allyship, and offered women’s health workshops and retreats.
As I grow into my work with clients, my practice shifts gradually from what I have learned. I welcome the changes and deepen my knowledge and experiences into a practice inspired by the Wise Woman Way, celebrating wholeness & holiness of our life on Earth.

The wise woman will nourish rather than detox, the wise woman will accept rather than fight, the wise woman will love rather than fear. And on and on I strip layers of conditioning and old belief system.


As I engaged my practice in a path of remembrance and service, the more I touched bodies the stronger became the call of Spirit & Spirits.

Calling back into my life forgotten ways, I started an on-going study of shamanic practices / Animistic ways/ Ancestral Wisdom/ Spirit Communication over the last years. Learning these practices allowed me to bring into focus and service the communication with Spirits I have experienced since childhood.

I am an apprentice of Naomi Lewis and Simon Buxton founder of the Sacred Trust Center in England.

In summer 2019 we moved to Northern Bavaria, to become farmers, raising our child, growing our food, renovating our old farm and tending the land.

Form this place I launched Simple Herbals, a beautiful line of handcrafted herbal preparations: tinctures, infused Oils and Vinegars that I offer to my close and extended community.

As for now I am offering online retreats and workshops as a way to transmit the tools that have bring me strength and resilience to navigate life and make the best of it. I look forward to meet you there!

Warmly, Caroline