What in the spiraling chaos of life would be relevant to share with other humans in order to make a connection? And what can I possibly put on paper, experiencing the constant movement of life, that the more I grow in age, the more I am amazed and surprised to discover this ever changing new me.

A life constant has been my relation to nature, how much I love to walk in the fields when I was a child, talking with the Dandelions and wild Iris and how much I love helping my grand-father in his garden and eat the fresh picked peas from the pod. Nature has always been a safe place to move through the challenges and pains of life.

Pain as well as been a constant in this life. Physical and emotional pain experienced through childhood traumas. Pain of carrying loads of generational traumas from both sides of my family, none of them being able to speak their truths and to unload from the suffering they have been carrying for so long. Pain that still visits my body as a remembering of ancient wounds that need to be tended to.

These diverse experiences have made me a dreamer in order to move through the hard times. The moon was my confidant, the land a sweet mother to hold me tight, and creating with my hands brought me a great sense of contentment.

And all in all, I became a life artist, constantly oscillating between abuse and self-destruction, and a deep wish for restoration and peace. Navigating the darkness and healing capacity of my being, I came to understand that only with love, compassion and acceptance of my wholeness (the plurality of my being) will I be able to fully enjoy the gift of life.

These understandings came through long and intensive life journeys of experiences, of learning and unlearning, of observing and listening, of trials and errors, of multiple encounters with spirits, humans, animals and plants beings.

And here I am sharing with you what has been supporting me to this day to ease the pain and tend the wounds and experience the joy of life: the connection I hold tight with Spirit and Spirits; a deep gratitude, love and appreciation for the Plant realm; and an ever-unfolding love to explore the depth of Self and to be remembered as who we are in our True Essence.

in appreciation for the gift of life, Caroline


These are the fields in which I have studied, learned, trained and worked in:

Master in visual art

Art teacher for children with special needs

Ayurveda therapy, women’s health and pregnancy support


Postnatal Doula

Reiki grad II

Shamanic practitioner