There is a dance between Body & Soul, a dance of our modern times where we are relearning and reclaiming the Ancestral Ways, a way to rewire our nervous system, a dance that activate the remembrance deep into our bones. When we touch the body, we move the soul; and as we sing to the soul, the body remember. 

My practice grows as I witness this symphonic dance happening, from massaging bodies I could hear songs, I could feel the wound of the soul. And from exploring the soul’s inner landscape, I could feel the soreness of the muscle, the blockage in the joints. I allow my work to be guided and formed by this symphonic dance, deepening my exploration of Spirit’s & Soul’s realms and the understanding of the Body. 

My strength lies in my ability to connect the dots between Body, Mind, Soul, offering the recipient a perspective on the wholeness of our human experience, the journey of a soul into a physical reality. My intention with Ancestral Ways, is to allow, learn and remember a way to Wholeness, a journey to our native state when aligned with Nature, our Nature. 

I wish to share the tools that have support me heal and grow, the techniques that allows me to see and understand better our soul journey and our human experience, and to support women and their family to create the shift that is so needed in our world. 

I look forward to meet you, 

With love, Caroline

Trainings that have shaped me and my practice:

 Master in Visual art 

Art teacher for children with special needs 

Ayurvedic practitioner: nutrition and body therapy and Women’s health and pregnancy support 

Post-partum doula 

Reiki grad 1&2 

Core Shamanic practitioner, taught by Simon Buxton

On going research & trainings on European animistic practices 


Natural Beekeeping 

Women pelvic health, bodywork taught by Martin Beaudoin