“Closing the Bones” — Ritual

I have learned this ritual as part of my postnatal doula training. This ritual comes from a lineage of South American traditions (named Rebozzo, which means “scarfs”), it is traditionally given to women 40 days after the birth of their child. This kind of ritual can be found in other native cultures around the world, closing the gestational time, celebrating a new beginning in a woman’s journey.

Through my practice and per extension, this ritual is suited for any woman closing a certain part of her life (ex: after birth, planned or unplanned termination of pregnancy, end of a relation/work, welcoming menopause, celebrating a success…).

This ritual is an invitation to dive into the sweet arms of Mother Earth, wrapped and cared, she whispers into our ears stories of our remembrance, inviting us to align with grace and strength to a new Path opening to us.

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