Being aware of the violence of the oppressive system we are part of and a common mind set of tolerated non-consent interactions that are forced on us, I do offer “Pay what you can” or free services and/or herbal preparations for folks in difficult situations, enduring and confronting violence.

I can offer:
— A safe space to listen and eventually guiding you to safe structures.
— Herbal preparations to ease trauma and support restoration physically and emotionally.
— Healing session to support regeneration of integrity, wholeness, bringing back strength.

Violence is defined by any form of non-consent interactions that is forced on someone, resulting in a myriad of hurtful feelings experienced by the victim: shame, fear, rejection, self-arming, violence, addiction, suicidal thoughts… This is a non-exhaustive list of common violence experienced by people in precarious situation:

— Children in violent environment (family/foster care/school)
— Young adults escaping violent environment
— Women, with or without children escaping a violent environment
— Any being surviving physical and/or emotional attack
— Any being confronting with segregation and discrimination of gender and/or colour
— Refugees

Please note that this offer is limited to my own capacity. I will reply rapidly and orienting you the best way if I am out of capacity. Note that for now my time with client is limited to one day a week and one day a week for shipping the products.

If you are or know people in distress and need of support you can contact me via the form below.

If you feel in danger and/or suicidal please go to the closest hospital, you will be received and listen to.

If you read these lines and are in capacity to offer community support by sharing your services, you can contact me and I will add you to the list with your offerings.

In service and appreciation of my privileges,
Reach out for Community Support