Simple Herbals

— All information on this website is based on my own researches and experiences and on the work of other professionals from herbalists, shamanic practitioners, doctors, historians…

— This information is shared with the understanding that you accept complete responsibility for your own health and well-being.

— You have a unique body and the impact of each herbal preparation is unique and health care is full of variables. The result of any practices suggested in this space cannot always be anticipated and never guaranteed.

— I am not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any herbal preparations and/or suggested practices.

— Consult with your inner guidance, knowledgeable friends and trusted healers in additions to the information shared on this website.

— None of the offered products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. The shared content is for informational purposes only.

Ancestral Healing practice

— You have the right to seek additional treatment from other health professionals at the same time you are receiving Ancestral/shamanic healing with Caroline Pekle. Caroline Pekle doesn’t offer therapy support.

— You engage in this work being responsible for your own wellbeing, health and safety.
Caroline Pekle cannot be held responsible for any outcome that may happen.

— Before the session, any relevant information relative to your physical, emotional and mental health should be disclosed by email (including details of past or current psychiatric care, use of psychedelics, medication and any medical condition that can be aggravated due to physical work or emotional state).

— All of what is shared is confidential and will be not be disclosed outside the session.

— All the content and resources shared in the sessions are intended for personal use only and are not to be shared with anyone outside the sessions, nor plagiarized for one’s own profit.

— All cancellations have to be done before 48 hours of the session. If cancelling within 48 hours, the full amount of the session will be charged. Should you need to cancel before the 48 hours, you will be given the choice to reschedule or receive 50% of the full fee.

— For additional time beyond the scheduled session, Caroline Pekle will be charged on the base of 13€ per any extra 10 minutes. Caroline Pekle will inform you when the time is up and if you wish for further conversation time you will then agree to the extra costs and a bill will be sent to you afterwards.

— Understand that Caroline Pekle can ask you to leave the session if you do not comply with the above and still be liable to pay the full fee for the sessions.