A Journey to yourself
This 7 weeks online & live class is an invitation to unfurl our spiritual and human potential, using our attention and intention we will be exploring the various aspects and landscapes of shamanic journeying while focusing on embodying our experiences.
We will learn and discover new topographies, mapping our experiences, exercising precision of intention and uses of words, and extracting the essence of a journey, a revelation.
There will be given assignments to deepen the practice between the calls and build up confidence in your own relationship with Spirit & Spirits.

Join me to dive into these 7 weeks class introducing animistic wisdom & practicing shamanic journeying (as taught by Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies) in an authentic and grounded way.
To reconnect to the Animistic Way, is to walk a path of direct revelations that will guide us to our True Essence to live a life in alignment with our Soul's purpose.


A journey to yourself

6 weeks of LIVE online classes

+ 1 Mentoring Call

3 hours each

Meeting Thursdays from 8 pm Central European Time (2 pm EDT / 12 pm MDT / 11 pm PDT)

 November 2nd
   November 9th
 November 16th 

 November 23rd
 November 30th

  December 7th 

December 14th

We are spirits having a human experience

To fully Incarnate -to make flesh alive-, we are invited to step into our Life with Will and Power. 
What does it means in our present time to choose to live a life in Power and to Incarnate in full presence? 
Animistic cultures see the world as an endless relationship with all that is, as all is perceived as alive: the Earth we walk on, the river that flows, the food we bring to our mouth, the table we use, the pen we use to write… 
When we start to acknowledge and experience the aliveness in all that is, our place in the world is taking a new dimension: we realise the reason of our existence and our capacity to self-govern our life.
Animistic Ways of life are deeply intertwined within the spirits' guides -found in the non ordinary reality-, expressing in various forms: animals, humans, creatures.... It is within the relationship with our guides and guardians that we can find our way to the Nature and Essence of our Incarnation.
I designed this class to give informative and useful content and tools for every one of us to reclaim our relationship with Spirit & Spirits, with the Invisible, with the Non Ordinary Reality,
and ultimately our relationship with ourselves.

This course is an in-depth introduction into animistic principles and shamanic practices: a collective heritage of ancestral healing methodologies that have been practiced throughout the world since the beginning of its existence.
Incarnation is a premise to create a culture of healing from within: a regenerative practice that is nourishing the soil of our EarthBody.

These teachings are following the immense work and mission of Michael and Sandra Harner creators of the foundation for shamanic studies. 

As anthropologist, Michael Harner have brought in parallel traditional and spiritual's healing techniques through out various "intact" world's cultures. What he found out is, while the cultural context would change, at the core of the practice are similar spiritual understanding and healing modalities. From this realisation he has developed what he refers to as “core shamanism”: A recollection of healing modalities for the soul that are safe and efficient. "Core shamanism methodologies" are a way to bring back into our industrialised and disconnected civilisations, a relationship to the Invisible and a hope for healing. 

In this time of collapse of the world as we know it, a lot of effort is being put into creating a change of structures, of productions, of consumptions, while true and sustainable changes can only come from within.

 This class is an invitation to develop our capacity to hear the whispers of Mother Earth and Father Sky and the see once again the invisible. This class is an invitation to reclaim our Ancestral heritage and to weave back into our lives profound understanding and healing modalities that are our collective legacy as people of the Earth. 

Guided by kindred and loving Spirits can we truly see and feel the beauty of our Soul incarnating in these unprecedented time of collapse AND emergence. A time where we are being call forth to stand in our power and to offer to this world the gifts we were born to share with all.

—While I follow the main practices of Michael Harner, I have studied with one of his long-time student Simon Buxton, at the Sacred Trust centre in England and from years of practices I have develop my own practice weave within my own culture.—

By the end of the class you will:

o Have a deeper understanding of our global and spiritual ancestral heritage and be able to continue to create a life of meaning and depth.

o Have a greater understanding of the Invisible/ Non Ordinary Reality and its impact on our Visible /Ordinary Reality.

o Be able to map out, understand and see clearly the challenges of our present times, while facing them with clarity and understanding our purpose.

o Have an understanding of spirits landscapes and their communication.

o Be able to journey to the Spirits' realms on your own and receiving clarity about various aspects of your life.

o Finding peace and healing on your own journey.


— A journey to yourself —
Weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Thursday 2nd of November Mapping Spirits'  Realms

o The power of intention & understanding Spirits' communication
o The power of the Drum
o A practice of embodiment

Week 2: Thurday 9th of November

Exploring the Tree of Life 

-part 1- 

o Main guidelines to the practices of journeying 
o Journey to the Lower World 
o Practice & sharing

Week 3: Thursday 16th of November

Exploring the Tree of Life 

-part 2- 

o Understanding the Upper World
o Journey to the Upper World
o Practice & Sharing

Week 4: Thurday 23rd of November

Exploring the Tree of Life 

-part 3- 

o What to know about the Middle World? 
o Journey to the Middle World 
o Practice & Sharing

Week 5: Thursday 30th of November

Mapping our Inner Landscape 

o Journey to our Guide/s 
o Finding our Songs 
o Dancing as a Prayer

Week 6: Thursday 7th of December

A journey to Remembrance 

o Practicing Dismemberment 
o Remembering our soul essence 
o Integration

Week 7: Thusday 14th of December

Mentoring Call

o Answering your questions
o Deepening the practice
o Community sharing


o Once register you will receive an email (within the next 24 hours) with all information you need to know before we start the class. Please be patient, email answers are not automated.
o There will be time allotted for questions & answers in each class. Plus there will be a mentoring call on Thursday 14th of December. 

There will be given assignments to deepen the practice between the calls and build up confidence in your own relationship with Spirit & Spirits.

o  For the time of the class and for 6 weeks after the end of the class (25th of January, you will be part of our private membership. This is the place where you will find: the recordings from the class, a space for community sharing and questions between the calls and a space for sharing resources.
o While classes will be recorded, I highly recommend to join live when possible.
If you cannot, the recordings will be posted 24 hours after the class on the private membership platform. 

o This class is open to women and men.
o Dates and Time: We will meet on Thursdays evening Central European Time from 8pm on for 7 weeks: November 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and December 7th and 14th.
o When paying with Paypal with an email address that is not your main email contact, please add in subject your most used email address and add me to your contact to have an optimal communication.
o There is a possibility to pay via bank transfer as well as payment plan outside Paypal, if this is of your preference, please reach out.

This class is for you if:

o You are willing and wish to take responsibility for your life and understand the intrinsic relationship between the visible and the invisible. 
o You know that there is more than what we can see and you wish to explore more of it. 
o You understand that these practices while coming from the past are designed to help us in our present time and are foundational for our future. 
o You wish to deepen your spiritual practices and your connection to your ancestors and your spirits guides. 
o You had psychedelic experience/s and wish to understand more to what is happening. 
o You are invested in collective practices to support personal and collective healing.

This class is not for you if:

o You think that there is no cause to effects with what is happening in the world and our lack of spiritual connection. 
o You are not interested in taking responsibility for your life and its impact on the wider community. 
o You believe that “Science” has an answer for all and that it holds the Truth of our existence. 
o You believe that shamanism is coming from archaic and “retarded” civilisations.
o You have forgotten that any of your ancestors engaged in these practices as a prayer for the life that is given to us.
o As a people of European lands, you have forgotten that you too are indigenous to a land and a culture that have been teared apart.



—an introduction to animistic understandings & core shamanic practices —

6 Weeks + Mentoring Call – 3 Hours

Thursdays 8 pm Central European Time / 2 pm EST / 12 pm MST / 11 pm PST

287€ / 347€

early registration end October 16th, after 347 Euro

Registration close on October 30th

**There is an monthly instalment option via the PayPal payment service**