I am sharing my practices and experiences as a holistic practitioner in the field of shamanism, traditional herbalism and bodywork, my work and practices are a living organism that shapeshift as my path enrich with new experiences and new understandings. 
I am offering online and onsite retreats, workshops and gatherings that support our growing journey back to ourself, acknowledging our spiritual being to reclaim and, ultimately, enjoy our human experience. 
In these containers you will get introduced and invited to work with tools and elements of animistic wisdom, emotional intelligence, nutritional and herbal knowledge, understanding of our physiological body, singing, dancing and storytelling. 
I look forward to meeting you.



Honouring our Sons' Innate Nature

This 6 week online live class is an invitation to bring awareness on the current state of our Boys’ health.

It is a space for reflection and sharing information, offering ancient and new perspectives for the well-being of our Sons.


A journey to yourself

This course is an in-depth introduction into animistic understandings and shamanic practices: a collective heritage of ancestral healing methodologies. 
Incarnation is a premise to create a culture of healing from within: a regenerative practice that is nourishing the soil of our EarthBody.


softening within

This women retreat is an invitation to lean into our feminine essence, we are opening a space to tune in into our Heart, our Womb, our Hearth, the warm fire within from where we create. Walking the path of our foremothers, practicing healing rituals.



an explorative touch

A gentle, informed and guided outer and inner exploration of our female sexual organs: vulva and vagina. This in relation to our pelvic diaphragm, our breath and our body.

In this container we will explore the intrinsic relationship between our breath, posture and pelvic bowl.



Dark Moon Reunion

A dark moon reunion to let go of what is not serving us anymore.
To dismember is to allow to be taken apart, to surrender to the invitation.
We dis-member to be re-membered.


 Full Moon Reunion

When women gather, magic happens. We come together to re-member the essence of our Soul. This is an invitation to share, sing and dance, to gather by the full moon, stepping in the path of our foremothers, to carve a way for ourselves and our children.