Honouring our Sons’ Innate Nature

This 6-week online live class is an invitation for Parents, both Mothers and Fathers, as well as for anyone in closer contact with children/boys, to reflect on our current time.

This class was born from the observation of a decline within the masculine expression and how it is affecting the healthy growth of our Sons.

This container is an invitation to deeply understand the root causes of the current cultural phenomenon as a way to engage in repair and healing.

While we will bring close awareness to the manifestation of a growing despair, we will as well bring forth a space for reflections and offering perspectives to allow the emergence of a living culture that honour all manifestation of Life and thus honouring our Sons’ Innate Nature.


Honouring our Sons' Innate Nature

6 weeks of LIVE online classes

2-2,5 hours each

Meeting Thursdays 6-8 pm CET (12-2 pm EDT / 10-12 am MDT / 9-11 am PDT)

 May 11th
 May 18th
  May 25th 

June 1st
 June 8th

   June 15th 

We are living in unpreceded times.
Our cultural landscape is in a constant reshaping from collapsing to emerging.
We are awakening from a collective amnesia into a time of Remembrance.
Remembering our innate design as Human Being on this Earth.
Remembering our Human potential beyond our known understandings.

This class is designed to bring awareness to a growing despair among our sons’ overall health and well-being: rise of infertility, obesity, diagnosis such as ADHD/ADD, depression and suicides…
“Raising Boys” is an invitation to sharpen our discernment around what is happening collectively and within our homes.

From this stand point, we can fully step into our responsibilities and engage into proposals for healing and repair.
We will be joined by men that are dedicating their life’s work to supporting men into thriving Manhood and Fatherhood. They will share with us their perspectives from their lived experiences, offering reflection to reshape a culture that honour boys and men within their unique expression.

I designed this container from my mothering perspective, being shaped by the last decade of mothering my 10 years old son, and my/our daily experiences with how our boys are being perceived and treated within the collective.
And I will also be sharing from my perspective as a woman of my time participating in life as a holistic health practitioner, from a decade of service, I have been a witness of the growing decline as well as the willingness to engage in repair and harmonizing of Life.

I look forward to meet the parents and caring humans that hear the call of our times to stand for the preservation of our children’s innocence and that are fully engage into honouring life by design in alignment to the laws’ of Nature.

By the end of the class you will:

o Have a comprehensive understanding of our Sons’s Physiological, Emotional, Spiritual design.

o Understanding the root causes of the collective decline of the Masculine.

o Feel inspire to participate in your own healing, the healing of your family dynamic, as well as part of the healing of the collective.

o As a Woman, bring healing to your own relationship with Men and the masculine within you.

o As a Men, bring healing to your masculine expression you may have repress from lack of understanding and support.

o As Human Beings, you will understand that differences are not meant to create discord but rather are complementary to optimise life.

— honouring our Sons' Innate Nature —
Weekly breakdown:

Week 1: Thursday 11th of April
The Masculine on the Decline

o Why is “the Masculine on the Decline?”

o Cause & Effect: what have brought us here?
o Healing the War on Men

Week 2: Thursday 18th of May
Our Boys' Physiologic Design and Natural Development

o Phases of growth for our Boys, Aged 0 to 21
o Male Hormones: The Decisive and Necessary Role of Testosterone
o What our Boys’ need to Thrive

Week 3: Thursday 25th of April

Soaring despair: Consequences of growing away from our Sons' Innate Nature

o Fertility on the decline
o ADHD: Diagnosis on the Rise
o The will of Death: depression & suicide and our Young Men

Week 4: Thursday 1st of June

Raising Boys into thriving Manhood with Dan Doty

o Fatherhood is Not an Option
o Presence & Modelling: The Medicine our Sons’ Need
o Nature connection to preserve our sons’ Innate Nature

Week 5: Thursday 8th of June

from Boy to Man to Father: Sexuality, the Sacred Rite of Initiation with Nic Warner

o Becoming a Man of purpose
o Supporting Healthy Sexual Development in our Sons'
o Preserving Innocence: The Consequences of Pornography

Week 6: Thursday 15th of June

A prospect of repair: Honouring the lives of our Sons - Restoring Wholeness and Union into our Lives

o Healing the physical, emotional, spiritual wound of Separation
o A future of Union
o A Vision to hold


o Once register you will receive an email (within the next 24 hours) with all information you need to know before we start the class and, additionally I will be happy to reply to any questions you may have.
o There will be time allotted for questions in each class, the last class will last longer to offer space for further questions.
o For the time of the class and for 6 weeks after the end of the class, you will be part of our Mighty Network platform. This is the place where you will find: the recordings from the class, a space for community sharing and questions between the calls and a space for sharing resources.
o All classes are live and will be recorded. The recordings will be posted 24 hours after the class on the Mighty Network platform.
o This class is for parents of boys and also girls and for anyone that is caring for children.
o Dates and Time: We will meet for 6 weeks on Thursdays from 6 -8 pm CET / 12-2 pm EDT / 10-12 am MDT / 9-11 am PDT. Thursday 11th, 18th, 25th of May and 1st, 8th, 15th of June 2023.
o There is a monthly instalment option via the PayPal payment service.
There is a possibility to pay via bank transfer if this is of your preference, please reach out.
There is no refund once the class have been purchased.


— Honouring our Sons' Innate Nature —

6 Weeks – 2-2,5 Hours

Thursdays 6-8pm CET / 12-2pm EST / 10-12 am MST / 9-11pm PST

227 Euro 

early registration end April 27th, after 287 Euro

Registration close on May 9th

**There is an monthly instalment option via the PayPal payment service**