Dear one

Thank you for registering to “Raising Boys, honouring our Sons’ Innate Nature”
This 7 weeks’ live, online class is an invitation to bring awareness to the current state of our Boys’ health. It is a space for reflection and sharing information, offering ancient and new perspectives for the well-being of our Sons. You are highly invited to join the class live, where there will be time allotted for questions and if you cannot, the recordings will be accessible on the private membership platform 24 hours after the live class. 

Below you will find the teaching plan for the coming weeks together:

Tuesday 13th of February: Week 1: The Masculine on the Decline
Tuesday 20th of February: Week 2: Soaring despair: Consequences of growing away from our Son’s Innate Nature 
Tuesday 27th of February: Week 3: Our Boys’ Innate Design and Natural Development - part 1 
Tuesday 5th of March: Week 4: Our Boys’ Innate Design and Natural Development- part 2 
Tuesday 12th of March: Week 5: Nature connection with Marcel Kraibühler 
Tuesday 19th of March: Week 6: A prospect of repair: Honouring the lives of our Sons – Restoring Wholeness and Union into our Lives 
Date to be known/ around 2 weeks after the last call: Week 7: Mentoring Call

We will meet every Tuesday from 8pm CET / 2pm EDT / 12pm MDT / 11pm PDT. 
The mentoring/integration call will take place a few weeks after the last call, date to de define. 
Each class will last +/- 2,5 hours. 
Starting on the 6th of February, every week you will receive an email with a new zoom link to take part in the class.

Access to the private membership space:

 For the 7 weeks of class and 6 weeks after (closing on the 30th of April) we will be connected via the private membership space via Mighty Network. 
This is where the recording of the class will be hosted, as well as resource and personal inquiries. This space is designed for the community to engage, ask questions and be connected beyond the class time frame. 
Please click to the link below to be first register to MN: 

Click below to have access to the “Raising Boys” space:

I look forward sharing this time together, 
Sending love and warmth,