I offer online & in-person services based on my practices and experiences as an herbalist and shamanic practitioner. My work articulates Spirit communication and seership. I receive and share with clarity what is seen in the darkness, what one should fully embrace to recall wholeness and holiness. I practice ancestral healing methodologies to restore harmony in one’s life. It is a work of service, engaging in regenerative practices of the Earth Body.
In this virtual space, you find details about my work and approach and you are very welcome to contact me if you are interested to engage in this path together.



Spirits guidance delivered in its metaphorical essence.
60 minutes

Herbal Support

Radiant health through plant allyship.
40 minutes

Integration Support

Supporting your journey heart to heart, hand in hand.
40 minutes

Welcome Call

Let's get to know each other and feel if we are a good fit for working together.
15-minute free call


Ancestral Healing

Spirit communion to restore sovereignty.
90 minutes

Closing the Bones Ritual

A ritual of closure to let go with grace and engage into a new path in strength.
120 minutes


Community Support

Supporting the community affected by violence.
Donation based / free service