Simple Herbals was born from a deep wish to share the gifts of the plants and to reconnect the forgotten ways of Herbalism that have been lost with the emerging of the scientific and heroic traditions. It is about weaving back into our life the Wise Woman Way.
What I refer to as simple herbalism, is an herbalism that is safe and accessible to all, and for the people. No need for complicated knowledge and expensive certifications; a curiosity and sense of observation will be enough to start these ways.

Herbalism is about simplicity, acknowledging the fantastic power of the humble plants: Nettle, Red Clover, Plantain, Cleaver… Each of these plants are safe to use and accessible to all, they grow around us and can be found profusely.
Plants often have a wide spectrum of uses, making them very versatile. Using them on their own is a great way to get to know them, truly and deeply, discovering the richness of their power, mirroring the depth of our own. Engaging with the single plant will build a strong relationship, showing us how they relate with us so that we will know when we need to call them in our life.

Simple herbalism relies on nourishing traditions and nourishing foods. Feeding ourselves with the weeds that grow around us, with whole food and true love, it is about feeding the Wholeness of our Self. Filling our life with goodness and wholeness to prevent disease and being strong when facing it.

Simple Herbalism is about relationship: The way we relate with ourselves and the way we relate with the plants, the Earth. Simple herbalism encourages us to know the Self and to be the best doctor for ourselves and our family. It teaches us respect and acknowledgement for all living beings and for us to be good stewards for the Earth.

Simple herbalism is recognizing the Spirits of the plants and how they are engaging with us and guiding us through our journey. It is in companionship that we witness the aliveness of all that is around us. It is about seeing the unseen, hearing the songs of the plants, feeling them dancing around us.

Simple Herbalism is about Resiliency, it is about teaching a child to chew Plantain leaves and place it on the itchy bite and Achillea on a bleeding wound. It is about collecting Dandelion greens in the spring to make our salad and Nettles for our soup. It is about living with the seasons, knowing when the Elder berries are ripe to collect them and make our own syrup, oxymel or jam.

Simple Herbalism goes hand-in-hand with Regenerative practices of the Soil and the Self. Plants encourage us to observe our environment and to make good choices engaging with the Land.
Simple herbalism relies on local and seasonal plants, on the plants of our Land, the plant of the Ancestors that walk and live with the Land before us.
Practising Simple Herbalism is opening our eyes on the devastating practices (of all fields: agricultural, social, educational, economical…) that are growing and tolerated all around us.

Simple Herbals are simple herbal preparations, that if you like, you could make at home by yourself. It is about becoming independent and resilient in the challenging time we are facing. It is about becoming strong and vibrant to make the change that needs to come.

With a deep gratitude to the Green Realm, everlasting teachers and dear friends,