Arctium Lappa – Radix Extract


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Arctium Lappa – Radix Extract
Fam. Asteraceae

Burdock roots, racines de Bardane, Grosse Klette Würzel

Antiscorbutic, Anti-onchotic, Antibiotic, Anodyne, Aphrodisiac, Anti-rheumatic, Astringent, Carminative, Cholalogue, Diuretic, Demulcent, Estrogenic, Hepatic, Hypoglycemic, Pulmonary

Burdock roots support our overall health as a nourishing tonic. They are especially acting on our lymph system, sweat and oil glands.
They are supporting our digestive system: liver and stomach and by that promoting clear skin.
They are supporting women reproductive organs by nourishing the uterus and increasing estrogen production.
Burdock is an ode to slowness, only with time and dedication will you embrace all the gift she has to offer.

How to use:
Shake well you bottle, breath and remember why are you taking this preparation. Place the desired amount of herbals extraction into a little water, gently stir and drink with gratitude for the plant realm.

Everybody is different and everybody react differently to herbal preparations. Please take in consideration your body constitution and sensitivity to find the right dosage for you. The information below are general guidelines and do not apply as standard.

For daily support take between 30-240 drops per day and through at least 2 moon cycles (28 days). You may increase the quantity and intake and repeat a cycle if needed.

Freshly harvested Arctium Lappa Roots, 50% Alcohol (high spirit sugar beet alcohol and spring water)

None of the offered products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The shared content is for informational purposes only. Before using preparation check for appropriate dosage, pharmaceutical interactions and contraindications.

30ml pipette bottle

About the different offerings: 

Most of the listed preparations have been infused in their menstruum (alcohol, honey, oil, vinegar) between 6 and 12 weeks, in the divine darkness. After this time the plants are tightly expressed and the infused liquid is bottled for consumption.
A tincture is created with fresh plant matter infused in alcohol and is best used within 5 years after opening.

An elixir is made with fresh plant, alcohol and honey. Using honey, the water content of the herbal preparation is increased, expressing more of the water-soluble components of the plants. The preparation contains a lower alcohol then a regular tincture and a sweeter taste. I like to make elixir with nourishing plants that support or nervous system. An elixir is best used within 5 years after opening. 

An Infused Vinegar is created by placing fresh plant matter in a jar, covered to the top with Apple Cider Vinegar and added Honey for the Oxymel. Vinegar has the capacity to extract minerals from the plant, AVC also supports our digestive functions and alkalinizes our bodies PH. Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties among many other. Vinegars and oxymels are best used within 2 years after opening. 

An infused oil is made by placing the whole plants, fresh or dry, in a jar covered with an oil of choice. For the first user of Infused Oil, the smell may seem unusual as most of us have been used to the scent coming from synthetic perfume or Essential Oils. I decided to not use E.O. in my products and here you can find out why: On the use of E.O. An infused oil is best used within 1 year after opening and for external use only.