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An offering of Simple herbal, hand-made preparations from ethically wild harvested and home-grown plants. Simple Herbals are traditional herbal preparations, the plants properties being extracted in different medium in the divine darkness… 

It is a work of love, reverence and dedication.

The offerings will vary according to the land, the seasons and the continuous divine chaos of life.

Note that I like to store the preparations in brown glasses in order to limit sun damage, please take the time to look at their colour they are so vibrant and rich! 

You want to know more and have some questions, here you may find what you are looking for: FAQ, Simple Herbals, Simple vs Formula

The plants are listed under their Latin name, then in English, French and German.

Plants and humans are alike and are wide beings unfolding on a variety of different aspects. On the description below I only underline some properties of the plant, but they may be many more, be curious and explore!

Here is a lexicon of terms used to describe herbs properties.