Have you ever entered a forest feeling like you are coming home?

Gently everything comes into place, one can breathe, one can see, the agitated thoughts calm down and a sense of peace enters the body, making her relaxing deeply, able to regenerate.

Nature is healing.

Coming into relation with her is allowing ourselves to rest with love and care in the arms of our Divine Mother.

Deeply immersed in Nature, an infinite space of possibilities opens. Nature is so rich, generous and abundant.

Able to hear the whispers of the winds, the songs of the plants and meeting the Green Deva.

It is in deep immersion in Nature that I have learned and understood the most. Disconnected from most mind-set constructs, soothed into the dark forest, bathed in the wild and sacred water, able to observe and understand the wholeness of my soul, learning to know Thyself.

We now have the immense blessing and privilege to be living in nature, surrounded by the forest and sacred Waters, springs and river all around our home.

We decided for this life, living by the season, growing our food and tending the land.

Entering the apprenticeship of homesteading and renovation, I have researched ways/methodologies/techniques which would feel right to me and that would emphasize creativity over economical needs. And this is how I have come across the permaculture way of living, that felt in alignment with my others practices and responded to my needs.

Permaculture practices are based on Nature observation, understanding that Nature knows best how to care for herself. Nature thrives with rich biodiversity, with layers of rich soil made of decomposition of her own production. Nature finds ways to regenerate herself with the least intervention as possible. Everything is creating from Her and everything goes back to Her.

And as I engage myself into this new area of my life and a new land to discover, I am experiencing more and more the intrinsic connection between the Earth and Body.

Hearing Her voices guiding me, feeling Her in my body moving me.

When we tend to the Earth, we tend to our Body. And the more we tend our own Body and inner garden, the more we feel the connection to the Earth, offering us the possibility to engage in healing, reverence and regeneration, guiding us wisely to make choices for our life and future.

I have a profound wish to share these experiences and practices with fellow humans. It is with this intention that our work is guided and infused, creating rooms for sharing and hosting gatherings. Generating spaces for us all to engage in authentic relationship with ourselves, one another and Nature.

Finding ways of entering Nature realms with reverence, respect and gratitude, so we can immerse in Her healing power, becoming more resilient and stronger to engage in our Path.

And as I wrote these words I cast a spell, so that soon we will gather with the heartfelt intentions of engaging in nourishing and regenerative ways for ourselves, our future, our Earth.

With earthy hands, smiling heart and trust in my bones,


We are stardust

We are golden

And we got to get ourselves

Back to the garden

— Joni Mitchell, album “Lady of the Canyon”, song “Woodstock”, 1970