Listening to the whispers

Divination is a very ancient and common form of practice to receive Spirit and Spirits guidance and direction. This practice can take many form and shape depending on the culture and personal practice of the medium: tarot, cartomancy, rest of coffee in a cup, set of objects…

Divination is a very simple and effective way to receive healing words about ourselves, our journey and as well as a way to reconnect us to the source of all.

In divination, we acquire Spirit & Spirits guidance by asking your question: I receive an answer, delivered in the moment and in metaphorical/ poetic form. When needed, I guide you to unfold the images.

Have a notebook and pen to take note of the Oracle. This format of work bring healing through words.

Up to 3 questions per session.


o   Contact me to agree on a date and time

o   Once an appointment is booked, you will receive an email with all information you need to know before we start and I will be happy to reply to any further questions you may have.

o   Read the Disclaimer and confirm by email may you consent


+/- 60 minutes 

80 Euro

Write me an email to book an appointment
There is a possibility to pay via bank transfer if this is of your preference, write me below

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